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Your site's product page layout templates get designed.

Your site is then "branded" with navigation bar colors & fonts.

Your site is enhanced with matching colors and fonts.

Your site gets a unique look.

You gather company information and terms of ordering.

You get product shots together from catalogs or take photos.

(1) You pick products and make a spreadsheet to be used as the skeleton.

Hey, Rob! How do you build my Yahoo Store?

Item page

Section Page

Front Page

Yahoo! Store's Front Page, Section Page, & Item Page

Good Keywords (Keyword Software)


Honest Foods.com

TRICK - Calling SEARCH form with html

SEARCH (Front Page Element)

FINAL-TEXT (Front Page Element)

MESSAGE (Front Page Element)

BUTTONS (Front Page Element)


INTRO-TEXT (Front Page Element)

SPECIALS (Front Page Element)

CONTENTS (Front Page Element)

How to change the PAGE-ELEMENTS field


Roast Your Own


Baby Gift Idea (Yahoo! Store)

Adventure Camping

accent furnishings




View from the driveway...


See Embroiderthis.com

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