TRICK - Calling SEARCH form with html

Yahoo! Store uses simple html code to call the search form. You can use the following code and change anything in BOLD to reflect your store's ACCOUNT NAME and URL.

<center><FORM METHOD=GET ACTION=""><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=catalog VALUE="YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE"><INPUT NAME=query TYPE=TEXT SIZE=30> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Search"><input type=hidden name=.autodone value=""></FORM></center>

You can also change the text on the button by changing the <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Search"> to whatever text you want inside the VALUE parameter.

To add text to the search box add VALUE="Your Keywords here" to the >INPUT NAME=query TYPE=TEXT SIZE=30<

You can also use an image for the search button by replacing the <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Search"> with one that calls the IMAGE.

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