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Pachislo (Skill-Stop) Slot Machine Store Info

The flashing lights, the music playing, the sound of the tokens falling! Can you think of a better way to have guests remember your party or event? You will be sure to create an atmosphere filled with all the excitement of Las Vegas by PURCHASING your own Pachislo (Skill-Stop) Slot Machine.

Since it is illegal to own a traditional "Las Vegas style" (auto stop) slot machine in most states, a ("skill-stop") Pachislo slot machine is a perfect choice if you are looking to enjoy the Las Vegas casino experience in your own home.

These pachislo machines are ACTUAL CASINO MACHINES. These machines come from overseas casinos and cost $4,000 - $5,000 when new. These machines are manufactured to the highest standards with beautiful detail and lots of exciting sounds and lights. They play across five to seven different lines, 1-3 tokens per spin. You stop each reel yourself with the "stop buttons." Each machine weighs 80 to 95 pounds with dimensions approximately 34" high by 24" wide and 14" deep. Each machine has the ability to accept tokens and the payout levels (odds) are user definable at six different levels. If we are shipping your Pachislo Slot Machine to you, it will be set to accept tokens only. These machines are being sold as Token-In/Token-Out machines ONLY but can be readily converted to accept quarters.

The major differences between Las Vegas Slot Machines and Japanese Pachislo Slot Machines are:

  • Pachislo machines use video LCD screens, sound tracks and additional reels to enhance the standard reel play.

  • Pachislo machines are called Skill Stop because the player uses three buttons to stop the reels instead of the reels stopping themselves as in Las Vegas. This gives the player a sense of being able to control the outcome.

  • Pachislo machines have a spin knob on the front instead of the traditional side pull handle.

    The biggest difference between payouts from traditional style (Las Vegas) and Pachislo (Japanese) machines is the "Big Chance/Jackpot". In Las Vegas if you hit the "Jackpot", the entire jackpot is immediately dispensed in the coin tray. If you hit the jackpot or "Big Chance" on a Pachislo machine you are guaranteed to win a certain number of tokens (360 coins/tokens for example) plus you also have additional chances to win more based on your skill when stopping the reels in the bonus period.

    There are two types of Machines:

    TYPE A

    In the "Big Chance" round you have 24 guaranteed wins (360 tokens). The big chance round is set up with 2 or 3 sets of 8 guaranteed wins, between round 1 and 2 and also 2 and 3 you will notice the music changes and this is a bonus period with increased odds. This period continues until you hit a free game. It is possible to win up to 500 tokens in the "Big Chance" play mode based on your skill level when stopping the reels in the bonus period between rounds.

    TYPE B (Challenge Game)

    The "Big Chance" round operates the same as a TYPE A machine, except that if the "Bonus" light is lit when you enter the "Big Chance", you will have up to 201 consecutive games with increased odds. Your payout can be up to 750 tokens. It may take up to 15 minutes to play out the entire "Big Chance" round.

    PLEASE NOTE: These machines are for in-home AMUSEMENT purposes only. The use of these machines as gaming or gambling devices is illegal. These machines are set up to accept tokens. We will not be held responsible for any illegal or misuse of these machines or any violations of local or State laws. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Buyer agrees to pay to defend seller from any legal actions resulting from buyers misuse or illegal use of these machines.