Yahoo Store Design (READ THIS FIRST)
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Product Description

READ THIS FIRST: [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD] Rob Snell's Yahoo Store Design & Consulting -- Opportunity Vision then call me at 1-800-332-7601.

"Opportunity Vision" is digging for buried treasure in the tons of data from your Yahoo Store stats. Opportunity Vision is the one-two punch of you getting me up to speed on what you do, combined with my input on how I can help you maximize your marketing efforts to get what you want out of your Yahoo! Store.

Opportunity Vision is a customizable block of consulting time. You get 4 hours worth of phone interview and research time for $495. This is sufficient time to get enough background on the your business and then to do initial marketing research for keywords & other opportunities on the internet. It usually takes 2-3 one-hour phone calls.

With OPPORTUNITY VISION we find the answers to questions you’ve been asking. What products are converting the best? Where is your best traffic coming from? What keywords are driving the most sales (and it’s usually NOT the most popular ones!) If you have a relatively new Yahoo! Store, we look outside more than inside.

Your OPPORTUNITY VISION can include reports and analysis like:

  • Your Top 50 KEYWORD PHRASES report with estimated number of daily searches, the current PPC bid value of those words and commentary
  • A Competition Ranking Report for the directories & major search engines
  • Your Web Position Report for the Top 15 Search Engines for your best keywords
  • A YAHOO! SHOPPING Report & info.
  • DEEP RECON Report on competitors you pick from the COMPETITION REPORT evaluating their marketing strengths & weaknesses.
  • LOAD SPEED ANALYSIS of your site (which also addresses useability / conversion issues)
  • A Basic Search Engine Optimization strategy. We talk about PAGERANK, linking strategies, developing useful content for your visitors.
  • An overview of successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns with tips on how to not throw money down the PPC drain! We’ve learned the hard way, sometimes. Now with nw tracking tools, we can prove which ads generate which sales!

    You tell me! Opportunity Vision is what YOU want it to be.