"Ok! I want my Complete Internet Marketing Plan!"

Call me at 1-800-332-7601. I'll get a personalized order form right out to you. After that, I can usually schedule our first call within a week or so. You will begin to see immediate results within 3 to 4 weeks of ordering.

As always, you get a Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You like my work or I fix it to your satisfaction, or you don't pay!

Give me a holler or drop me a line!

Rob Snell,
Managing Partner,
Snell Brothers Web Development

email rob@ystore.com
Call 1-800-332-7601 / 1-662-320-9196
662-320-4000 COPY COW / 662-324-5246 home

P.S. My personal goal is for any project to pay for itself within 3-6 months. Over half of my projects now are for previous clients. I'm completely confident you'll be more than delighted with the results!

Feel free to contact anyone in my portfolio, and I can give you a happy clients reference list for marketing research, design, maintenance, support, or illustration projects!

MARKETING CLIENTS: Several of the folks I've done marketing work for the past 3 or more years don't want to be listed in my portfolio or as a reference in general marketing materials because they don't want anyone to know what they are selling, but if I ask, they'd probably talk with you.

Stuart Bazley at Ebodylogic.com is great. He'll tell you stuff I wouldn't tell you. He's the guy who says "don't tell me what you have to do to the chicken, just keep the voodoo working" to keep the sales and traffic coming.

He'll also admit to you how the only thing he's selling these days is stuff I helped him market with a spin-off site which is what I told him last Fall. Visit Stuart.

Stuart'll tell you how I translate a lot of stuff I do into "English" for civilians. We've done design, marketing, and merchandising research for new property development.

Also, contact Tom at http://chair-mats.com. He's a little busy with orders right now, but he said he'd be happy to give a reference!

Remember! As always, you get my Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You like my work or I fix it to your satisfaction, or you don't pay! Call me! 1-800-332-7601.

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