Addendum Friday afternoon, June 16, 2005:

"Satisfaction at last."

Yay! Got a call from Herrin Gear Lexus and Clay said "Well, looks like the folks at Lexus Customer Satisfaction decided to pick up the cost of the part. You cover the labor and the rental car." Done deal.

Thanks, Denise, wherever you are! Note to Marv Ingram: Denise just saved a customer. If Lexus had NOT picked up the part cost, I don't think I could have ever owned a Lexus again. I love my Certified Pre-owned Lexus SC430. Buying a used Lexus didn't seem like a bad gamble.

Thursday morning, June 16, 2005:

"Can't Get No Satisfaction."

When it rains, it pours. Not only did the folks at Lexus Customer "Satisfaction" drop the ball and not call me back within 48 hours of investigating my concern (as I was told), but someone neglected to even put my ticket in someone's queue. If I had not called Lexus back today, I never would have gotten a phone call.

I'm depressed. I just gave Lexus an "F" on a customer survey. In 18 months of owning my dream car, every experience with Lexus has been an "A" or "A+." Until now, owning a Lexus has been the most wonderful customer experience I've had in my lifetime.

Now the part's a day late at the dealer, so who knows when I'll have my car back. At least I have my rent-a-car Chevy Malibu. -- r

Monday, June 13:

Well, my CERTIFIED Pre-owned (that means I paid more to get the warranty) Lexus SC430 had a problem with the retractable roof.

I bought my sporty Lexus convertible from another Lexus dealer. I even paid extra for an extension to the 3 year / 100,000 mile "bumper to bumper" warranty.

On June 6, 2005, my assistant drove it 125 miles to Jackson (we live in the boonies) to Herrin Gear Lexus to get it fixed.

It's been a week now. I got a phone call that said that the little sensor that was broken would be covered by my warranty, but one of the huge motorized mechanical arm had stripped it's gears and was about to stop working. And there was some BAD NEWS...

Okay. I knew that my Lexus SC-430's Certified Warranty didn't cover headlights. It also doesn't cover: brake linings, pads and shoes * drive belts * spark plugs * carpet * chrome * hoses * rust damage * fluids * seat covers * dash cover and pad * filters * clutch friction disk and pressure plate * interior trim and moldings (including cup holders, ash trays, covers, and vents) * wiper blades * door trim and handles * tires * paint * glass * batteries * bumpers * shiny metals * weather stripping * nuts, bolts, clips, retainers * hinges * light bulbs * vacuum hoses, lines, and tubes * OR heating hoses lines and tubes.

This makes sense. These exclusions are not mechanical parts. They don't have motors. They aren't made of multiple pieces. They aren't assemblies. Even Marv Ingram knows that!

What I didn't know was that Lexus calls the Part #6451024030 $3600 motorized mechanical arm that lifts the retractable roof from the trunk a "hinge" so they don't have to pay for warranty repairs!!!

    QUESTION: Do you think any reasonable person buying an extended warranty and paying extra for a CERTIFIED LEXUS would think that the two huge mechanical arms that open the trunk, as well as lift, extend, and close the roof a "hinge?" I believe it also has multiple motors attached to it.
BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT GETTING A "CERTIFIABLE" LEXUS, ask for a price list of all the parts that are NOT included in your Lexus "Warranty." I wonder what else isn't covered?

Are you also having trouble with Lexus? Contact us for more info on how to get help. Call 1-800-332-7601 or email robsnell at -- Rob Snell

PS. Thanks to all of the folks who have e-mailed or called.