Lexus SC430

Wow. I finally got the car! What a way to end 2003. Thanks, Stuart, for the ride to the Dallas Lexus dealer straight from the airport. Thanks to Joe Martinez & Sewell Lexus for a great buying experience.

Most importantly, thanks to all my clients who made this possible. Here's to a great 2004! -- Rob

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September 1, 2003

The Lexus SC 430> was the first retractable hardtop convertible in the premium luxury segment when it was introduced as a 2002 model and quickly became one of the best-selling models in its segment. The retractable hardtop transforms the SC430 from a coupe into a convertible in less than 25 seconds with the push of a button. For 2004, the seat recline feature in the SC 430 has been enhanced to allow greater adjustment when the seat is not in its rear-most position.

Befitting a modern classic, the exterior design of the Lexus SC430 was created by the company's European design center and was inspired by the sights and styles of the French Riviera. The interior is a plush combination of natural materials including leather and wood.

The Lexus SC430 has a 300-Horsepower V8 - The rear-wheel drive SC 430 convertible is engineered to deliver exciting performance even when driven leisurely. The all-aluminum, double overhead-cam, 4.3-liter V8 engine produces 300 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of peak torque, and, coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission, can propel the car from 0-60 mph in only 5.9 seconds. The SC 430 achieves an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) certification, and is powered by the same V8 engine found in the LS 430 flagship sedan and the GS 430 luxury performance sedan.

Continuously Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) helps eliminate the traditional compromise between low-end torque and high-rpm horsepower by optimizing valve overlap throughout the engine's speed range, not just at one or two set speeds. The Torque Activated Powertrain Control works with the Electronic Throttle Control System to help smooth out acceleration from a standing start by very slightly delaying throttle opening when the driver steps on the accelerator pedal.

The five-speed automatic transmission uses Shift Logic Control to respond to road grade and acceleration/deceleration activity, holding gears or downshifting on inclines and downshifting on descents to provide increased engine braking.

The Lexus SC 430 Has a Thoroughbred Chassis - By designing the SC 430 as a convertible from the start, engineers optimized its structure to provide excellent strength whether the retractable hardtop is up or down. The stiff structure allowed Lexus to tune the suspension to deliver responsive handling without foregoing the brand's renowned smooth ride. The 53/47 weight distribution helps deliver optimal balance for confident steering response. Front and rear double wishbone independent suspension gives the SC 430 sports car-level handling and contributes to a smooth ride. The SC 430 comes equipped with 18-inch wheels.

Lexus SC430 Offers Safety and Security - The Lexus SC 430 provides owners with cutting-edge safety and security measures. The braking system featuring four-sensor, four-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Brake Assist.

EBD monitors all four wheels during braking and varies brake pressure according to load on each wheel. Brake Assist is designed to determine if the driver is attempting emergency braking and, if the driver has not stepped hard enough on the brake pedal to engage ABS, it applies maximum braking power until pedal pressure is released.

VSC helps control lateral traction while cornering on slippery or dry road surfaces by using throttle intervention and/or applying individual wheel braking to help control any discrepancy between where the driver is steering and where the vehicle is heading. The VSC system integrates traction control (TRAC) to help limit rear wheel spin on slippery road surfaces.

Numerous structural components, such as the rocker panel, have been reinforced, which can help protect occupants in case of collision. Other safety features include standard dual front airbags and front-seat mounted side impact airbags, daytime running lights, fog lamps and projector High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with auto levelers.

A Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) uses coded sensors to monitor the tire air pressure directly and transmit this information to a receiver via radio frequency communication. The receiver calculates the information and, if a significant drop in pressure has occurred, an indicator light illuminates to warn the driver of the condition. The TPM can alert the driver to under-inflated tires, a condition that could potentially lead to a loss of control.

The high-end Mark Levinson audio system uses nine strategically located speakers to turn the interior into a personal listening room. System equalization automatically adjusts when the roof is lowered and returns to its original levels when the top is raised. The driver can control the system's essential functions with controls on the steering wheel.

An advanced climate control system adjusts airflow and temperature automatically, differentiating between top-up and top-down driving needs, automatically taking into account the exterior temperature to help ensure occupant comfort.

Lexus SC430
Every new Lexus vehicle comes with a 48-month/50,000-mile basic limited warranty. Powertrain and restraint system coverage is provided for 72 month/70,000 miles. Corrosion perforation protection is covered for 72 months, regardless of mileage.