Item# Keyword1

Product Description

Your Investment: $495 Turnaround time: 5 business days

What you get:
  • Ranked & weighted list of keywords based on traffic / popularity.
  • * My interpretation of data.
  • Recommendations and first drafts for Yahoo! listings, Looksmart submission, and meta tags, and other uses for keywords.
  • Input on OVERTURE, Google Adwords Plus and other affordable and advertising strategies that scale
  • Phone consult on how to use data in other ways

  • What I need from you:
  • Beginning list of 15-20 keyword phrases
  • URLs of 4 or 5 sites that are like yours
  • A 30-45 minute interviews to educate me about your business
  • Temporary Access (ALL) for Yahoo ID "COPYCOW" to your Yahoo Store

  • Call me at 1-800-332-7601 or email me at with any comments or questions.