Is Yahoo! Store For Sale? -- Yahoo Small Business & HotJobs

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Yahoo Trying to Sell HotJobs, Yahoo Small Business

Now, peHUB has learned from multiple sources that as part of Bartzís drive to dismantle non-core assets, Yahoo is also trying to shed both HotJobs, which Yahoo acquired for $436 million in cash and stock back in 2001, and Yahoo Small Business, which helps customers get their small businesses online by providing them with everything from domain registration to site monitoring to promotional tools.

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Is Yahoo Trying To Sell Small Biz & HotJobs?

Iíve always believed that Yahoo has not fully exploited Small Business as a channel and maybe they want to be out of the hosting and domain registration business. Perhaps the company feels that others are better suited to sell and create the ads that will simply run on the Yahoo network and through the APT platform.

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Twitter Search for Yahoo! Sell

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Yahoo Said to Seek Buyers for HotJobs

Yahoo Store *IS* For Sale (How Much?)

As a Yahoo! Small business customer since 1998, I've always had the confidence that EVEN THOUGH Y!SB and Yahoo! Store were small potatoes compared to the $$$ in display advertising and search marketing (PPC), the Yahoo! Store part of Y!SB was so profitable that Y! would leave it alone.

July 22, 2009

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