Yahoo Stores: Internet Marketing Plan

You know, I've been building, maintaining, and fixing Yahoo Stores for small business folks for over 5 years. I've researched, designed, maintained, analyzed, and/or owned and operated over 300 Yahoo! Stores since the Viaweb days in April 1997.

How Do I Get More Traffic?

"How do I get more traffic" is my most frequently asked question. The answer is pretty simple: Internet Marketing.

Knowing what to do is hard enough, and implementing it is another thing entirely!

What is Internet Marketing? It's pretty much anything you do using the internet to drive customers to your website. Most folks think it's getting ranked in the top ten in search engines "Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)." That's an important part of what we do, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Internet Marketing includes getting listed in Search Engines, buying Directory listings, bidding in Pay-Per-Click programs, and opting in the Yahoo! Shopping database. It also includes writing good META tags, email marketing, referal programs, cross-linking strategies, creating affiliate programs, buying banner campaigns (or maybe not!), and looking at site sponsorships, e-mail newsletters, content creation, and more!