The IMAGE allows you to upload a JPEG or GIF as a featured image. I recommend loading a JPEG of a product photo that is about half the width of your homepage. This way, you can select the LEFT constraint which allows the MESSAGE field to wrap around the image.

The height and width of the image are determined by the IMAGE-HEIGHT and IMAGE-WIDTH settings under VARIABLES.

Remember, the IMAGE will load almost twice as fast if you resize your JPEG to the size constraints you set under VARIABLES.

If the IMAGE-HEIGHT and the IMAGE-WIDTH are set to 250 (pixels) and you have a 300x300 pixel JPEG, the Yahoo! Store software will redraw the IMAGE as a GIF file at the 250x250 pixel resolution. Usually this image will take twice as long to load as a JPEG of the same size, and it will look kind of funky, too, with the dithering that the file conversion software does.