My good buddy, John, from called again and said, "Hey! I'm doing a newsletter mailout. You want to do some more free Yahoo! Store evaluations?"

Sure! Last time pretty much buried me, so this time I'm doing it a little differently. Sign up via this email form. I'll do at least 10 every Friday until I've done them all.
Rob Snell,
Snell Brothers

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I fix Yahoo! Stores for a living. When I'm not working on your store, I'm working on my family's stores. There are many things you can do to fix improve your store.

Our company-owned Yahoo! stores (as well as client sites) have generated millions of dollars in sales for independent retailers over the past 3 years, so we know what works (and what doesn't!).

  • You benefit from my Yahoo! Store experience because we've been using the software since 1997, even before it was called Yahoo! Store. We also own and maintain our own Yahoo! Stores, so we're aware of the unique needs of the independent Yahoo! Store retailer.

  • You will also profit from my extensive retail & marketing experience. In addition to Snell Brothers Web Development, we also own COPY COW a copy shop we opened in 1996. We just sold our fifth GUN DOG COMICS, the retail pop-culture company we started in 1988 as college students. The company who bought our Starkville store also bought all of our hobby-related Yahoo! Stores.

  • Your bottom line is #1. I understand that the most important thing about your web store is making it easier for your internet customers to shop, so you make more money.

  • You have things you want your store to do, but you're not quite sure how to pull it off within the confines of the Yahoo! Store software. We can implement YOUR ideas on your Yahoo! Store.

  • You can request a Ystore Deep Site Analysis to look at your statistics and traffic flow . You'll see areas in your store where we can focus to make the most impact on your bottom line.

  • You need a professional look. We do graphics. Get a whole new look from the ground up. We'll create your company logo and a look to “brand” your entire site with colors and fonts.

  • We can also convert your existing logos & graphics to a web friendly format. You can have us scan your catalogs or photos as well as convert images from manufacturers’ and distributors’ cd-roms into Yahoo! Store product graphics.

-- Rob Snell,

P.S. Let me help you get the most out of your Yahoo! Store. By looking at your unique situation through the eyes of fellow business owner rather than just a web designer or marketer, I can help you improve your business by helping you make more money and by saving you time.