Yahoo! Store's Front Page, Section Page, & Item Page

Here are the basic elements of Yahoo! Store. Once you understand how the front page, sections, and items work together you can then move on to more complicated layouts.

Click to enlargeFront PageThis is an example of the front page. You control the elements such as the intro text, the banner/logo, the specials, the search bar, the contents of the site, and the message.

The contents of this page are the sections or items at the next level. When you click on the thumbnail/icon of the section, it takes you to that section page. Read on for more information...

When I do a site I try to keep it as flat as possible. Most people who come across your site will not have to navigate the whole site, but I try to keep most sites to four levels at a maximum.

The top of the site is the front page. The next level is the section. Within that you have the item page. The confusing part is that you can list items on the front page, the section pages, and even within items themselves (accessories). It can be pretty confusing, but once you play around with it, you can see the logic behind it.

Example: Front Page of Mystery Books -> John Grisham Books Section Page -> "A Time to Kill" Item Page

Click to enlargeSection PageThe section level is the next level.

Item pageItem page

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