Doll Houses

This guide was created to help answer any questions you have when buying and building your dollhouse. It includes everything you need to know before buying a dollhouse online. Includes information about the kits, construction supplies, finishing materials, miniature furniture, and more. Comes with complete checklist of supplies & equipment you need to build the perfect dollhouse.

1. Consider these factors when choosing a dollhouse:  Size: There are many different sizes to choose to fit any budget from $60 for a small cottage to over $800 for an estate such as the Queen Anne (#RGHS6600). Finished houses range in size from 2’ to 4’ tall and wide so be sure have a large enough work & play area for your new kit. See all of our kits under the Real Good Toys link.

 Ease Of Building: All dollhouses sold on come with an illustrated instruction booklet to guide you through the process of assembling your dollhouse. Using just basic tools such as a hammer, glue and a utility knife, you can build your perfect dollhouse. Refer to the following section, “Pick your Construction Supplies”, for details on the necessary supplies you will need. For a great looking and easy to assemble dollhouse, consider the Simplicity Series made by Real Good Toys (here).

 Finish: Dollhouse kits can be purchased with a smooth or milled exterior finish. Kits with a milled exterior finish have the clapboard siding milled directly onto the exterior portions of the house providing the look and feel of real clapboard siding. A milled exterior finish is recommended if this is your first dollhouse project for it will greatly reduce the time and effort required to assemble the shell. If you are an experienced builder you may prefer a smooth exterior finish. With a smooth finish you can build and attach your own exterior materials such as brick, stone, miniature clapboard siding, or a combination thereof.

 Material: All doll house kits and are constructed of either Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) or Plywood ranging in thickness from ¼” to 3/8”. The 3/8” plywood or MDF is usually preferred over ¼” material because it is more sturdy and will ultimately hold up stronger over the years. 2. Pick Your Construction Supplies. Here is a list of tools and items you will need to build and finish your doll house:  Hammer

 Utility Knife *

 Wood Glue *

 Masking Tape *

 Sand Paper *

 Paint Brushes *

 Paints and Primer (for the exterior)

 Shingle Dye (for the roof shingles included in your kit. Click here)

 Wood Filler

(* Items marked with an asterisk, “*”, are included in the STARTER VALUE PACK Part # BGDXSUP.)

3. Finish the Interior: supplies all the items you need to finish the interior of your house including the following:

 Paints (don’t forget your primer)

 Wallpaper

 Trim (window, cornice, chair rail, wainscot, etc.)

 Hardwood flooring

 Tile floors and walls

 Carpeting (wall-to-wall and throw rugs)

 Window Treatments

 Linoleum

Many of these items are not yet listed on but will be soon. So please check back as we are adding new items every day.

4. Furnish Your House: Select from thousands of miniature items to complete your perfect dollhouse.

Items are available for every room of your house, in any style, from any era. Like the interior finishing products, many of these items are not yet listed on but will be soon. So please check back as we are adding new items every day.

And when you are ready to take it to the next level of realism consider wiring your house with electricity - with working fixtures, outlets and switches. Also consider adding a stucco, brick, or stone exterior. How about realistic landscaping? All these items and supplies plus more will be added to our web soon. So please keep checking back!

Now go have FUN and build that perfect dollhouse!