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Bravewood 1966 J type bass relic + Fender Jazz case WOW

John Elliot's personal bass & BEST Bass I have played..

Please note this guitar is not a Fender product and in no way related to Fender at all.

I ship WORLDWIDE!! please see the 'P & P and Payments' section for all shipping charges

This is a sad, regrettable auction for a the best bass I have ever played. It is a SUPERB Bravewood 1966 J Type bass with many original period Fender parts it was John Elliot's own bass he built for himself and really is something special.

It still has pictures on the Bravewood website which you can visit at:

If you are unfamiliar with the incredible work John Elliot does have a look at his site, search around the Net for reviews and then try and order one... you will be in for a long, long wait!

Body is lightweight alder, neck has a nice flame to it and is reinforced with 2 carbon fibre rods so it should not warp and unlike the original's I have played, it totally eliminates dead spots. It really is a joy to play and hear.

Pickups are genuine Fender from the early '80's, neckplate is genuine 1966, string guide is from the '70's, the control plate and pots date from the 60's with ther pots dated 6641 (41st week of 1966). The thumb rest is genuine 1962 Jazz bass - this alone cost over 100 and to cap it all the case is a superb example of a genuine Fender 196***** case with the logo intact.

It is in nicely road worn relic condition and has a great vintage vibe about it. It is superbly set up with the most enormous sound you will hear! I have played loads of genuine vintage Fender Jazz and Precision and I can safely say this is the best out of the lot of them. The new owner will not be disappointed with this amazing instrument.

Please have a good look at the 20+ high resolution photos I have posted to see the cool condition this guitar is in

More photos can be sent on request.

Pickups are nicely balanced and responsive, It plays great and sounds really nice..! and has no breaks, repairs anywhere.

Inspection is welcome before the auction finishes, guitar is situated somewhere near Hull. I will be so sad to see this go but house purchase looms...

I will ship worldwide for the rates in the 'P&P and Payments' section, or you are more than welcome to collect. Please note that some areas of Europe are more expensive (e.g. Greece) so treat the rates as a guide.

Cash on collection is welcome and no problem!

Please see my other auctions for loads more interesting stuff (as usual)...

Thanks and good luck!


Bravewood Guitars
For Sale

1966 style 'J' type bass

Available now...this stunning '66 style J type bass in distressed sunburst. The body is lightweight alder, the lightly flamed neck has a curved join rosewood fingerboard, pearloid dots and binding. The neck is also reinforced with two carbon fibre rods that run the full length of the fingerboard (hidden from view beneath it), these not only increase the rigidity of the neck but also enhance the tone and help to eliminate 'dead spots' that often afflict these types of bass.

A little history.....the 'dots and binding' jazz was available from late 1965 to the later part of 1966 when the pearloid blocks were introduced, it was only made for approx. ten months and is therefore quite rare.

I built this bass for myself some time ago, what makes it a little different from the usual replicas is the use of some real vintage parts...the machine heads are genuine mid-'60's 'paddle' type tuners, the control plate, knobs and pots are also from the same era, the pots date is 6641 (41st week of 1966). The neckplate is also a genuine 1966 vintage part. The string guide is from a 1970's bass. Other than that the parts are high quality aged repro's. As far as I'm aware it is not even possible to obtain repro tuners of this type, they were only available from 1966 to 1968, mainly on jazz basses, P basses tended to use the reverse Klusons.

The pickups are genuine Fender units from the early '80's, these are becoming vintage in their own right...and sound great!

The bass has been handbuilt meticulously to mid-'60's spec. and is a joy to play, the neck has a beautifully broken in, played feel to it and the whole instrument rings like a piano, the depth of the neck at the first fret is 20.7mm and 25.1mm at the 12th.
The reason for it's sale is simply because I've recently built myself another '63 style J, and I'm not one for having instruments around gathering dust, I'd rather it was out there being used.

The vintage parts alone used on this bass cost me well over £600, a 'new' distressed Bravewood J type is now approx. £1,400, which I think makes this bass a bit of a bargain at £1,750.
This is a unique one off instrument that I will not be building again (can't get the repro parts!), even the 'big F' don't offer a repro of this era of J bass (as far as I know), so if the dots and binding look is for you, there aren't too many of these around...unless you can afford a real one!!!

The bass will be supplied in a tough moulded ABS type case (included in the price), click here for more pictures of the bass without a pickguard, the bass is distressed under the guard so if you'd like a more 'stripped' Jaco look to the instrument, the guard can simply be removed.


1966 style 'J' type bass...£1,750

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions