February 23, 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

Please do NOT hire, admit, underwrite, give scholarship, or otherwise entice away the best assistant I've ever had.

Alesha Calvert is my right hand. For the past four years, she has taken care of the mundane so I can explore and grow our company. Alesha does the day to day stuff so I can concentrate on strategic planning and R&D. She does everything from client management (300+ clients) to web site development (30+ properties) to brainstorming new revenue sources.

Alesha has been completely responsible for the maintenance of a [redacted] retail ecommerce website. Before we were hired for the project, this site did less than $15,000 a year. Now that site does $5,000,000 + a year.

She has taken product photographs, written product descriptions, rewritten manufacturer copy, created product and other images, and maintained the 1500+ page website on a day-to-day basis, even when not "at work." She also helps maintain the search engine marketing accounts on Google Adwords and Overture, as well as performing basic search engine optimization.

Alesha spins on a dime. She reacts well to changing business conditions because she has the ability to learn new skills very quickly. My business model has changed from an e-commerce production company where we charged hourly rates into a marketing firm where we get a percentage of gross sales. This has radically changed how we work on projects, and she's handled the change extremely well.

Alesha demands a learning environment. She will not tolerate being bored. I'm always teaching her new things which causes me to revisit how and why we do things.

Alesha also has entrepreneurial ability which you can see in her purse design business. I started this company as a college student in 1989, so I'm very aware of collegiate entrepreneurs. I see a lot of kids with great ideas, but no one ever executes. Alesha does.

I realize that bigger opportunities will lure her away. You are lucky if you get her.

Rob Snell
Snell Brothers

P.S. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at the office at 662-320-9196.