Why Our Company Chose Yahoo! Store

It worked. The first time I tried it, it really worked. The shopping cart worked. The search engine worked. The secure server worked.

Yahoo! Store is an on-line tool to help you build webstores and on-line catalogs. It's a turn-key solution for small and medium-sized web stores. You just plug in your products and your company information into the Yahoo! Store format. The final result is a good looking web site that loads fast and is extremely customer friendly.

Over 13000 companies have chosen Yahoo! Store as their web business solution. Yahoo! Store is perfect for individuals, small business owners, and larger companies looking to experiment with e-commerce without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. Instead of hiring a full-time webmaster to run a server and install and maintain expensive software, and keep a T-1 line open, let the folks at Yahoo! Store do it.

Your "mall rent" in Yahoo! Store covers use of the software as well as the real estate. Yahoo! Store is software run on Yahoo!'s servers. You access this software over the internet by using your Netscape or Explorer browser. You edit your site from your home or office or anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

You can start your own account at store.yahoo.com and have a baby site up and running in about ten minutes. Realistically, it will take another 8-10 hours of tweaking to get your site to look right. When you hire me, I can turn your graphics and catalog copy into a prototype store within a day or three.

Yahoo! Store rent runs $100 a month for up to 50 items, and $300 a month for up to 1000 items. I would also suggest spending at least $400-500 a month on banner ads on qualified sites to generate the traffic you need to get the orders you want. Designers run anywhere from $55 to $155 an hour. When you hire the Snell Brothers, you pay by the item, so you know exactly what your costs are going into the projectů

The good news is that you can try new product lines or business concepts without a long-term commitment. The cost to open a retail store is anywhere from $25,000 up into the millions of dollars. You can open an on-line store for as little as $100 a month. You can have a professional designer do your webstore for around a couple of thousand dollars.

The majority of the "hard work" has been done by the software designers. Instead of spending your time figuring out how to get the shopping cart software to work, you spend your time promoting your site, and hopefully filling orders from around the world.

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